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Bank Probationary Officer - Salary & Perks - Bank PO Salary

Many of our friends frequently ask about the salary of a Bank Probationary Officer. Since our visitors are preparing for bank exams hence they must have an idea that how much they will earn if they get selection as Bank Probationary Officer. Here in this post I am going to provide you details of Bank PO Salary.
So for all of you I am providing here details of not only salary structure but also about various other perks which you will get after becoming a Probationary Officer, the starting basic salary would be Rs.23700/- , you will also get Dearness Allowance which is presently about 48% of the basic salary, apart from Basic + D.A. you will also get CCA and HRA (when you are not opting for leased house). The salary of Bank Employees is under revision as the next revision is due from November 2017.

Apart from this salary you are also entitled for various other perks such as conveyance allowance, cleansing material reimbursement, entertainment allowance, news paper allowance etc. The rates of perks differ from bank to bank however the lump sum rupee value of all such perks is about Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 10000/- in public sector banks. In SBI this rupee value is more as perks are higher. In SBI you also get four additional increment at the time of joining itself hence starting basic in SBI would be Rs. 27620/- + D.A.

You are also entitled for leased accommodation in banks where bank will pay the entire rent of your house directly to the landlord and you don’t have to pay anything for rented house. But again the lease rent facility is very good in SBI as from very start you will get about Rs. 14000/- for leased house (it also depends on the type of city in which you are posted, for e.g in cities like New Delhi and Mumbai it is in the range of Rs. 25000- Rs. 30000). In other PSBs although lease house facility is there but rent ceiling is low.

Friends, that is not all, there are various other benefits also such as medical reimbursement facility, furniture reimbursements, LFC for India or abroad, foreign postings chances, faster promotions and incentives schemes for good performers, loans on concessional rates etc.

The salary, allowances and perks are higher in State Bank of India in comparison to other public sector banks. The leased house facility of SBI is very attractive and is much better than that of other public sector banks. 

If you have any other query about salary and perks of Bank Probationary Officer you can send us mail on and can raise your query.

Disclaimer: All care has been taken while providing this information however publishers are not responsible for any discrepancy. 

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