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Best Reasoning Book for IBPS Bank Exams - MK Pandey Analytical Reasoning

As reasoning is one of the most important sections for the bank exams hence we are presenting here book review of one of the top books on Analytical Reasoning. This book is titled “Analytical Reasoning” and has been authored by M. K. Pandey (Magical Book Series, from BSC publication). I have been a follower of this book from a long
time so sharing this review with all of you. This is one of the best books for preparation of reasoning section of bank exams, a must read for all the aspirants. This book presents a detailed and in-depth analysis of topics such as assumption based questions, arguments based questions, inferences based questions, evaluation of course of actions, data sufficiency problems, cause and effect questions, input – output questions, relationships based questions, syllogism based questions and lots more. There are many books in the market which are covering all such topics but this book explains correct methods of how to solve such problems. Personally I feel that if somebody can master this book and understand all the concepts well, he or she would have very good chances of maintaining high level of accuracy even in questions which otherwise seem very confusing. 
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