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Descriptive test of Bank Exams

Here we are talking about descriptive part of PO or clerical exams which is qualifying in nature. In the descriptive test normally candidates are required to write essay type answers to the questions which are based on situations, current topics, topics of common interest, national issues etc. The questions are basic in nature and not much preparation is required
for it. However since you still have to qualify that, therefore your objective should be to write very well in the given time. In case you are not comfortable with this section what you can do is that you should try to write short notes on life situations and current topics regularly. With a little bit of practice you can easily qualify this section. However in some of the bank PO exams there are also provision of main exam (normally in SBI) and the marks are added in the final merit list. For such descriptive part you have to do specific preparation which we will advise you from time to time. 
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