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General Awareness - How to Prepare for General Awareness Section of IBPS Exams

General Awareness is another very important section of Bank Exams. Students can score very high marks in this section which may help them to enhance their overall scoring. Current affairs are an integral part of bank exams, you know in bank exams current affairs constitute almost 95 % of General Awareness paper. You can easily solve 80-90% of these questions in 10-12 minutes of time, provided you are well prepared. What I have seen
that most of the study material available in market is not focusing on exact requirements of the aspirants. Therefore we are also providing you “Points to Remember Series” and “Objective Question Series” which will help you to prepare well for your upcoming Bank Exams. Apart from reading the various series which we are providing you should also read good magazines on current affairs and also good Newspapers such as The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Economic Times etc. Reading articles and newspapers will serve many purposes it will help you in strengthening your current affairs knowledge, it will also help you in the English language section, both objective and descriptive and at the same time it will help you in preparation of your upcoming interviews. So never shy of reading good newspapers and magazines. If you follow the current affairs material which we are providing you will find that most of the points given in the magazines have already been covered as far as current affairs are concerned, reading it again will help you to build very good knowledge. Because what happens that at the time of exams sometimes answer of a question does not immediately click in mind even though you have earlier read it, however if you have read it quite a few times, you will be able to recollect it immediately. In General Awareness the questions can be asked on economy, finance, banking, polity, international events, sports, books and authors, awards and prizes etc. Discussion among friends always helps so involving yourself in meaningful discussions on current events will help you. We can summarize the important points as under:
Read quality magazines and newspapers in a regular manner if you really wish to build a very good knowledge of General Awareness.
Do not limit yourselves to 1-2 sources try to gather as much information as subsequent readings from different sources will not take much time, it will strengthen your knowledge. Once you have developed a good base you just need to carry on.
Attempt practice sets and try to finish General Awareness section in 10 minutes time.
Quality discussions help in improving your knowledge as well as communication skills.
We are very much sure that if the aspirants can follow these tips they will surely do well in this section. Feel free to write us for any further query. We will also advise you some of the best books and magazines which you may read for this particular section.

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