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Career Path of Jobs in the Bank

Probationary Officers or Bank Clerks are having very good opportunities in the bank as far as career path is concerned. The Bank may at its discretion, subject to merit and suitability, after probation period may consider a probationary Officer for future leadership role, which is to be determined through a screening

A probationary Officer can get opportunity to enter in to middle management cadre just after 2 years of probation provided they can qualify the screening test.

The Probationary Officers are on probation of two years during which they are given intensive training and towards end of their probation/ training period they are subjected to this screen process. 

While those Probationary Officers who achieve the pre-determined standards may be confirmed and given placement in the next higher grade i.e. Officer Middle Management Grade Scale II, others who qualify the test but fail to achieve the standards set for placement in Middle Management Grade Scale II, are confirmed as Officer Junior Management Grade I. Thereafter there are promotions opportunities in every 3-4 years bracket, bright officers can easily enter into senior management in a span of say 12 years.

Even for those who enter in banks as clerk there are immense opportunities, those who are good performer can easily become officer in 2-3 years.

Those looking for bank jobs should understand that performance and positive attitude are being always appreciated in banks and a combination of both can take you towards greater heights as far as career progression is concerned.
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