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Reasoning - How to Prepare for Reasoning of Bank PO

Reasoning is probably the most important section of the bank exams. Most of the students face problem in this section as they find it difficult to finish the section on time. Problem of accuracy is also there, as during the course of exam, students find it difficult to understand whether the answer
they have selected is right or wrong. The problem of accuracy is more in questions which are based on statements, judgmental type of questions, questions based on inferences, assumption based questions etc. These questions appear a bit confusing and also consist of major chunk of the questions. Apart from the questions type discussed above other types of questions which are frequently asked in bank exams are as under:

Number Series
Alphabet Series
Test of Direction Sense
Number Ranking
Arithmetical Reasoning
Problem on Age Calculation
Blood Relations
Decision Making etc.
Non Verbal Series
Relationship with other figure
Grouping Identical Figures
The test of reasoning ability has been designed to ascertain how well you can think in a pressure situation. In my view this is the one section where student can score very high marks which will ensure their selection in the exam as Probationary Officer. What happens that most of the students are unable to finish the section even though they may have done exceedingly well in other sections. The reasons for not finishing this section are many which may range from lack of time management, lack of skill of skipping difficult questions, lack of patience to tackle the difficult paper, jumping from one problem to another, creeping in of nervousness etc. there could be many more reasons depending upon individuals approach. But let me tell you friends if you can remain patient during the course of exam and if you can understand the basic thing that the paper is same for everybody you would be able to tackle the paper effectively. Of course you need to prepare well as there are no shortcut to success. Now let us talk about how we can prepare for this particular section. There are few very good books available in the market which I will tell you in our books section which can help you to prepare for this particular section. You need to understand the concepts for all type of problems which I have mentioned above. Once you are clear with concepts you will find that your speed will automatically increase, so don’t worry about speed rather work on your concepts. If you can get mastery over the concepts your accuracy will also bound to increase so I will suggest you to read some good books and try to learn the concepts and thereafter start attempting practice sets.

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