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Right Approach - Bank PO & Clerk Exams

For an aspirant who is willing to get success in bank exams right approach and attitude is very important. Over the years we have experienced that if one has the right approach towards one’s goals half the battle has already won. Most of the members of our team are senior bankers & trainers for bank exams and have qualified numerous
bank exams earlier in their career. However one thing which we all felt that we had taken a lot of time to adopt the right approach as there was nobody to guide us in proper manner. Fortunately, we ended up getting selected as Probationary Officer in banks but many of our friends were not that fortunate, they kept on preparing for bank exams for years but they never got success as they were not making efforts in the right direction. Even we were very late to understood what should be the right strategy to clear bank exams but once we understood, it was a cakewalk for us and we can say that 100% selection is assured in Bank PO & Clerical exams if we can work on some basic but crucial issues. In this website we will guide the aspirants not only about the right approach to tackle these exams but we will guide aspirants about the best available study material in the market.

Understanding the nature of examinations: At the outset, you should realize that competitive examinations are radically different from the school / college examinations which aim at measuring the knowledge or skills of the candidates with reference to certain fixed standards, and awarding those marks, pass, class, distinction and so on. But here in competitive examinations if the candidates do not come up to a particular level of competence, they will not get success. In bank exams it is very important for you to fair well in all the sections of the exams as it is imperative to get minimum qualifying marks in each section.
Preparation and Planning: It will enable you to take right decisions, without fear and shall remove the apprehension and state of uncertainty. Never get scared of the crowd pouring at the examination centers. Just believe in yourself, have confidence and understand that there are very few aspirants who are really well prepared for the exams and your competition is among those few only. To help you prepare in the best possible manner we will also provide you study material frequently. There is lots of stuff available in the market on bank exams but we will guide you how to select the best books/material otherwise all your studies will go in vain.
Importance of time management in bank exams: Bank exams are not only a test of knowledge but also of time management. Even the best candidates may not be able to answer all the questions correctly in the allotted time; nor is it necessary. A candidate need not bring forth the answer from his memory; but he has to use his power of discrimination in selecting the right answer from four or five options supplied in the question paper. In such scenario it is so important for the candidates to understand which are the sections they should attempt first, in the selected section which types of questions they should attempt first, which are the questions to be avoided and should be answered only if you are left with surplus time. We will help you to develop such skills which will help you getting edge over others.
Testing nerves: For many candidates the examination may prove to be a question of nerves, since they consider the effort to secure a job as a matter of life and death. The performance of those who lack in confidence may not reflect their knowledge and full capability because of their tension. Therefore you should not have any apprehensions and fear in your mind when actually appearing in the exam. You should understand that it is an open exam and even if you do not get success you will get another opportunity to appear in some other exam, so focus fully on the exam in hand and don’t perform badly just because of the nerve factor. Even if the paper seems to be difficult, you should maintain your composure as it is going to be difficult for everyone. If it seems difficult to you after so much of preparation what could be the position of others who are not so well prepared that can be easily understood.
Do not be over ambitious: Do not be too ambitious by trying to answer all the questions correctly in the limited time. Skip the difficult questions. There is no point in wasting time before the hard nuts. Save such time for answering relatively easy questions that follow. If we have the obstinate approach of trying to answer all the questions in the available time, and wasting too much time before hard questions in the hope of solving them, we may have to regret in the end for not being able even to read some of the easy questions for want of time. Do not waste time by reading all the questions from the beginning to the end of the paper.
Accuracy: In bank exams accuracy of answering the question correctly is also very important as you know there is provision of negative marking in the bank exams so answering the questions correctly is very important otherwise it will not only waste your time but also result in loss of marks.
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