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Bank Probationary Officer career : Bank PO jobs : Bank PO Exams

Bank Probationary Officer is still a very lucrative career. Here I am providing to all our visitors a brief about Probationary Officer’s post.
Entrance Tests: Now-a-days vacancies of Probationary Officers are filled through a Common Bank Examination conducted by IBPS. For State Bank of India, selection process is different and is being conducted separately.

After Selection: After selection, there is a probation period of two years in which candidate is exposed to different aspects of banking such as general banking, credit management, forex, rural banking etc. There are frequent transfers & trainings during these two years. Once the probation period is over the Officer is confirmed as an Assistant Manager in JMGS I cadre. Now-a-days a few banks are also having policy of a selection test at the completion of two years and those who are successful, are confirmed as Deputy Managers in MMGS II cadre.
Career Progression: A Probationary Officer is having a very good & fast track as far as their career is concerned. After every 3-4 years there are promotion tests and promotions channel for POs are quite fast. Apart from faster promotions there are various other attractions also, such as foreign postings, options for study leave, sponsored management programs etc. A Probationary Officer can reach to the level of Chairman of the bank as all the heads of all Public Sector Banks have started their career a Probationary Officer itself.
Salary and Allowances: This I have already discussed in another article and you can read it by clicking here.
Jobs and Responsibilities: Since Probationary Officer is a management position hence the Officers are expected to have high level of commitment and sincerity towards their roles and responsibilities. Most of the time the job involves leadership positions hence it is very important to have good communication & leadership skill to be a successful Manager.

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