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IBPS PO Interview: Banking Questions for Interview: Must Read for Aspirants

In the earlier articles I have discussed with you about Common Questions for Interview of IBPS BANK PO, about Medium of language in IBPS Common Exam Interview, FAQ about IBPS Bank Exam etc. In this article we would like to give you more inputs on preparation of IBPS Probationary Officer Interview, friends, banks will now come with their advertisements very soon, so it would be always wise to prepare well in advance.

First of all, for interview preparation, you should prepare a detailed bio data of yourself i.e. your qualifications, your place of birth, places where you have studied, your hobbies, extra activities, achievements, your aspirations, a little bit about your family etc. Based on that bio data you can create questions of common nature about yourself, which may come to your mind. For e.g. suppose you have mentioned that your hometown is Shimla, than the likely questions may be “ Tell me something about your hometown” , “What is the historical background of your hometown” ,  “ What are the major economic activities of Shimla” and so on. So in this manner you can create questions of common nature about your background, qualifications, hometown, family, hobbies, area of specialization etc. After creating such questions you should note down the detailed reply of such questions (maximum of 2-3 minutes) in the best possible manner. Now you have the list of questions as well as their best possible answers with you. You can now practice it on a regular basis. To practice, best tactics, I would like to advise you are that you can give the list of questions to your family members or friends and ask them to ask questions, one by one. Other way which is equally effective is that you can prepare in front of a mirror with direct eye contact. Practising in front of mirror is a very old and effective manner of improving communication skills. Another very effective method which I would like to suggest and which can be easily done now a days is that you can record your answers in a mobile phone to analyse how your answers sounds. Practice your answers on a regular basis and recording them again and again would definitely help you to improve. So in this way you can prepare most of the questions about yourself and will not face any difficulty in replying them in front of interview board. You also need to prepare questions on current affairs, banking and economic news, banking terms etc. to complete your interview preparation. Let me tell you that if you can prepare in this manner nobody could disqualify from the interview part of the bank exams, it only depends how well you prepare. Sometimes, you may not understand the importance of good preparation but let me remind you that in these competitive exams where fraction of marks decides the fate of a candidate, it is always better to prepare well and clear the final hurdle, rather than waiting for the next opportunity. You should also understand that interview is nothing but a test of your communication and presentation skills. Apart from preparing well you should also know that to remain very polite, courteous and to be well-dressed are equally important, during the course of interviews. Never indulge in an argument with the board, whatever may be the situation is. Hope you will find this article useful; you can also take our help in preparing the questions in case you feel any difficulty. You can raise your query on our Facebook Group which has recently become the largest students group for bank exams preparation on Facebook or by leaving your comment below. In the coming posts I will tell you about Group Discussion Preparation.

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