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Bank PO Interview : IBPS PO Interview Techniques : Bank Exams Interviews : Mock Test Series - 1

IBPS PO interviews or Interviews for Bank PO, based on IBPS Score Card are beginning shortly. Banks are now publishing their interview schedule for the post of Probationary Officer. We have been continuously posting articles & study material for these interviews. 

Good preparation for interview is a must for all aspirants, appearing in these PO Interviews or for upcoming Bank Exams Interviews. Now we are going to provide you mock test series for IBPS PO Interviews. Based on questions of previous Bank Exams Interviews and experiences of successful candidates, we are providing information on how to answer some of the most common questions for Bank Exams Interview.

Question: Tell us something about yourself?
How to Answer: You should start with your personal details like your name and the place where you belong, than you should give a brief about your family, mainly about your parents. You should continue with your answer telling about your qualifications mainly about graduation and professional qualification. If you have worked earlier with any other organization, you should also tell the board about that. You should keep your answer to a maximum of 2-3 minutes.  
You should try to cover four topics: early years, education, family, and recent career experience. Since normally this question is among the opening questions of the interview hence if you can start well than you will not only gain the confidence but also create a good opening impression on the board. You may ask us how to answer other questions which are coming to your mind by posting your here.

Question: Why you want to enter in to banking sector?
How to Answer: You can tell the board that Banking Sector is growing at a rapid pace and provides huge opportunities for learning as well as for career growth. The job of a Bank PO not only gives us recognition in the  society it also provides us opportunities for learning, as banking is a vast industry and those willing to learn have a lot of scope for that.
You can also say that it was your dream from the very beginning to become a Bank Officer hence you have chosen banking as your career. You can also say that you feel that with the knowledge and aptitude you are having, you can contribute well in this sector hence you have chosen banking as your career. 

Question: You have got a good IBPS Score, what will happen if you get selection in another bank? Will you leave our job in case get selection in other bank or somewhere else?

How to Answer: This is also a very common question but can be answered smartly; you can tell the board that there is no point of leaving the job if you get selection in any other public sector bank as all banks are almost same as far as career growth & job profile are concerned. You can also tell the board that you are looking for an established career and willing to learn. You will not leave the job for small monetary benefits & for petty reasons. You should try to convince them that unless there is a substantial reason or career growth, you are not going to leave the job.

These are indicative answers; the purpose here is to tell you how you can answer these types of questions in an effective manner. You can always make value additions as per the requirement & situation of the interview. In the next Mock Interview Series we will take few more important questions

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