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Clerk Jobs in Banks : Roles, Career & Right Approach

Lakhs of aspirants appear in IBPS Clerk Exam every year. IBPS conducts IBPS common exams for the recruitment of clerks in public sector banks. Clerical jobs in banks are also very popular among aspirants apart from the Probationary Officers jobs. In this article I am going to tell you what are the roles and responsibilities of a bank clerk and how they should work in a bank to get faster promotions and career growth.
Roles and responsibilities: Generally job of clerk was considered to be a 10 to 5 job with a fixed job routine. This is still very much true but only to a certain extent; in the changing scenario of banking industry, jobs & roles of clerks are also changing. Now-a-days banks are looking for people who can build the image of bank. Hence banks are looking for people who are having good verbal as well as written communication skills, good knowledge of computers & candidates who are well behaved and polite in their manners. Role of clerks has become very crucial as most of the time they are sitting on front counters and are carrying the image of the bank with their work style. Gone are the days when we were having mostly “Sarkari Babu” type people sitting on the front counters and working as per their will. As far as work is concerned, clerks can be assigned any banking related work, most of the time related to front counters such as a “Single Window Operator”, as a “Teller” on receipt or payment of cash counters or on counters such as payment of cheques, FDR & draft issue etc.
Career Progression: Those who have joined as a clerk can very quickly change track of their career as most of the banks are now providing opportunities to clerks to get promotion into Officer Cadre just after 3-4 years of their joining. Once they get promoted they are at par with any other officer of the bank and get salary and pay scale as per their cadre.

What should be the right approach towards work: It is very important for those who are working in PSBs as clerk, to have the right approach and attitude, if they are looking for progress in their career. Most of the time, I have seen that even the newly recruited clerks are having wrong approach towards their jobs and they too begun to behave like their older counterparts, remember this approach is not going to help as banks are not looking for such candidates. Those who are looking for career progression should understand that a good positive attitude towards work and delivery of excellent customer service will help them to good marks in their annual appraisals, which in turn would help in their promotions. Another important thing which I want to highlight here that in banks the image of the employees is also very important and most of the time Management is well aware of the image of a good or bad employee, hence it is very important for all of you to carry a very good image in your organization.

Opportunities in SBI: In State Bank of India which is the largest bank of India there are enormous opportunities for Bank Clerks. They can very quickly become officer through Trainee Officer channel. Trainee Officer is almost at par with that of Probationary Officer.

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