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Computer Awareness Section : How to prepare : Bank Exams : Bank Jobs

Computer knowledge or Computer awareness has now become an integral part of Bank Probationary Officer & Bank Clerk Exams. Questions on Computer Awareness are not only part of the written test but it has been observed that even in interviews of bank jobs in India; there are questions on Computer Awareness. Aspirants, with a little bit preparation & effort, can score high marks in this section.

For aspirants it is important to prepare well for this section. We are providing here how you should prepare for this section of Bank Exams.
Purpose of Questions on Computer Awareness: First of all, you should understand that the purpose of asking such questions in bank exams is to check your basic knowledge about computers and computerized environment. Since all the banks in our country are now computerized hence for employees, it is a must to be aware about basic aspects about the computer.
What you should prepare? : Since banks expect that their employees should have basic knowledge about computers hence you have to prepare basics about the computer. The main topics covered in these exams as far as Computer Awareness is concerned are, types of computers, generations of computer, basic components of computers, computer virus, basics about hardware & software, computer networks, email, internet, abbreviations related to computers, about word, excel, PowerPoint, operating systems, key word short cuts, online safety, latest development in IT, latest devices etc.
How you should prepare? : As we have told you that bank are not looking for computer experts, only thing they are looking for people who are having basic idea about computers and who can work in a computerized environment hence you need to prepare various topics mentioned above. You can purchase books on basic computer awareness and you can also refer to various websites on bank exams as most of them are now providing material on computer awareness. 

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