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IBPS PO Group Discussion : Bank PO Group Discussion : Group Discussion Bank Exams

Canara Bank has recently announced that Group Discussion will be a part of the selection process for final selection of Probationary Officers. It is likely that a few more banks will also conduct group discussions as a part of selection process. As always we will urge you to prepare well in advance for your bank exams. We are providing here you some useful information about group discussions.

What is a Group Discussion? The term suggests a discussion among a group of persons. The group will have 8 to 10 members who will express their views freely, frankly in a friendly manner, on a topic, which will be given by the conductors of the discussion.  Within a time limit of 20 to 30 minutes, the abilities of the members of the group are measured.

Do’s & Don’t of a Group Discussion
ü      Make original points & support them by substantial reasoning.
ü      Listen to the other participants actively & carefully.
ü  Whatever you say, must be with a logical flow, validate it with an example as far as possible.
ü      Make only accurate statements.
ü      Be an active and dynamic participant by listening.
ü      Talk with confidence and self-assurance.
ü      Being shy /nervous / keeping isolated from G.D.
ü      Interrupting another participant before his arguments are over.
ü      Don’t make fun of any participant even if his arguments are funny.
ü      Don’t engage yourself in sub-group conversation.
ü      Don’t repeat and use irrelevant materials.

Body Language
Positive body language is extremely important in Group Discussion. Here are a few suggestions.
ü      Eye expressions are very important. Don’t look here and there & have direct eye contact while talking with somebody. If you are looking around desperately with shifty eyes it also indicates you are looking for help and cues to speak something.
ü   Hand & toes movement also indicates your confidence level. Drumming the hand & itching on your nose show your nervousness. Toes if pointed to the ground indicate anxiety.
ü   Wear comfortable clothes and be yourself. If the interiors are not air conditioned, sweating can be uncomfortable and also unsightly. Wear a good pair of shoes and socks.
ü     Do not cross your arms or your legs. Be natural and sincere is the final key to success.

We will keep giving you more and more insight about Group Discussions, we will also suggest you relevant topics for the upcoming Group Discussions.

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