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Bank Interview Questions for PO : Mock Test Series 2

Many banks have already announced their recruitment program for Bank PO or IBPS PO based on the IBPS Score Cards. For aspirants preparing for IBPS PO or Bank Exams, it’s a season of interviews & Group Discussions (in a few banks). In this post we are providing a few more interview questions and methods of answering them. Links for all our interview preparation posts related to Bank PO & Bank Exams are again provided for your convenience . If you go through all these posts and prepare in the manner as told by our experts, you may be able to perform much better in your interviews. 

Today we will discuss few more likely questions and methods of answering them.

Question 1: You are an Engineering graduate (or any other different field such as MBA, BCA, MCA etc.), why you want to enter into banking sector?

Answer: This is a quite common question as you may be from a different field and now appearing in Bank Exams Interviews, in such scenario this kind of question is very much likely. You can reply it a deft manner by saying that although you are from a different field but you have always regarded career of a Bank Officer as a very prestigious one & if given a chance you would like to enter in to banking sector. Moreover you may be from a different field but you can still apply the knowledge you have acquired (give some example, for e.g. Banks are now a days very much techno savy hence the knowledge you have acquired in engineering, MCA etc can easily be applied). You can also say that banking is one of the fastest growing sectors hence you too would like to be part of that growth and would like to take your career to new levels by joining as a Bank Probationary Officer.

Question 2: By going through your bio data we observe that you have completed your graduation 3-4 years back, what you have been doing for last 4 years (or as the case may be)?

Answer: You can reply by telling the board about factual position, for e.g. if you have worked somewhere you can tell them about that, if you have worked somewhere but you are not having proof of that than you can say that you have tried your hand in a few jobs but they were not of your liking hence after some time you have decided for preparation of Bank Exams. You can tell them that you have been preparing for bank exams for last few years (as the case may be) and are determined to get success and to become a Probationary Officer.

So these are our suggestions for these types of questions, you can now prepare your structured answer as per your bio data. Your answers should be concise and to the point. You can always have different answers for the same question but based on our experience we have suggested you how such questions should be answered. Please go through all the posts given below and prepare step wise steps.

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