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Bank PO Preparation : Success Story : Final Selection in SBI PO

SBI PO, SBI PO Preparaion, How to Prepare for SBI PO, Bank PO Preparation: Friends we are now publishing the Success Story of Mr. Priy Anshu who has got final selection in SBI PO and is one of the dedicated members of our Bank Exams Preparation Group.

Question: Tell us about yourself and the selections you have got (along with roll numbers)?
Answer: I am from Patna and I have done my graduation and schooling from here only. I am a student of economics. I did my Masters’ in economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics in Pune in 2008. After that I tried for a job in the private sector but couldn’t get anything suitable. At that time, high numbers of vacancies were being announced in the banking sector. So, I decided to try for bank po exams. I started my preparation in 2010.
I have got only one final selection till now (final selection in SBI as a PO). My roll no. is 8210020784.

Question: Tell us the name of books, magazines, websites which have contributed in your success?
Answer: My method of preparation was based on self-study. I began studying reasoning from the book by R.S. Agarwal. I must say the first section of the book is very useful. It helps a lot to get a grasp of the reasoning section. But the section dealing with logical or analytical reasoning is not up to the mark. The basic concepts required to answer the questions are not dealt there. It was not of much help for me. For this section, I used the book by BSC publication on analytical reasoning. This book deals with the concepts thoroughly. After doing reasoning with the R.S. Agarwal book, I took admission in one of the coaching institutes (Mahindra) and used their study material for practice. Their study material is good, except for the analytical reasoning part. I also took their mock tests periodically. Their mock tests also helped me a lot. I didn’t attend their classes because they didn’t add any value.
Apart from this, in order to improve my DI, I used the book by M Tyra published by BSC. I just did the DI and DS chapters.
For the GA part, I read the Hindu and pratiyogita darpan regularly.
For English I didn’t need to prepare. I could do it comfortably right from the beginning. I saw some books in the initial phase of my preparation. I must say that no book available in the market except Wren and Martin is useful for preparation.

Question: What is your advice to the aspirants preparing for competitive exams?
Answer: As an advice to the students preparing for competitive exams, especially banks, I would say that their preparation should be aligned completely with the pattern of the examination. They should know what is required to be studied and how much effort is required to be made for each section according to their strength and weakness. And relying more on accuracy rather than speed is required.
Question: What was the medium of your interview and GD? Is medium makes any difference?
Answer: The medium of my Interview and GD was English and I don’t think medium makes any difference because I know some people who had Hindi as their medium and got selected.
Question: What do you think about & Bank Exams Preparation Group, are they useful in your preparation?
Answer: I didn’t use the website much but I found the group to be very useful. Through the group, I could get the right perspective. I don’t have many friends in Patna which are preparing for bank exams. In this group I found many good students who are preparing for banks.

For any further question you can chat directly with Mr. Priy Anshu on our Bank Exams Preparation Group

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