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SBI PO vs. Nationalized Bank PO : Comparison

Many aspirants frequently ask that is there any difference between Probationary Officer post of SBI and Probationary Officer post of other Banks. In this post we are telling you what is the difference and why SBI PO is considered as better than other Bank’s PO. Since I have worked both in nationalized bank as well as in SBI as a PO therefore I am explaining you why SBI PO is the most sought after job of the Banking Industry.

Salary: In SBI there are four additional increments at the time of joining itself hence at the time of joining itself you are getting about Rs. 3700/- more comparing to other banks (Basic + DA)
Perks: In SBI PO the amount of perks is also much higher compare to other banks. Perks consist of petrol allowance, newspaper allowances, cleansing material etc.
Lease House Facility: Lease house facility is also much better in SBI compare to other banks. The rent ceilings of SBI are much higher compare to other banks.
Exposure: SBI is the largest banks hence SBI PO gets much wider exposure of banking compare to other banks, in SBI there are numerous specialized outfits on credit, forex, treasury etc. which are limited in other banks.
Opportunities for Foreign Postings: SBI has further increased its foreign presence in the recent time, in SBI there are always a possibility of getting a good foreign posting for Probationary Officers. In other banks such opportunities are limited.
Having worked in both types of banks as a PO, I have always felt that if somebody is looking for a real challenging job and exposure than SBI is the best. Career growth opportunities are also more in SBI due to large number of openings at different levels. It does not mean that other banks are not offering such opportunities, but it would be fair to say that in SBI opportunities are more.
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