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Bank PO Preparation Tips : Section-wise Approach for Bank PO Paper

In this post we are going to tell you more tips on Bank PO Preparation. In a tough competition like that of Bank PO it is very important for you to understand how you should approach Bank PO Paper and what should be the correct strategy for preparation of Bank PO

In this post we are going to how you should approach each section of Bank PO Exam and how you should allocate the time for each section of the exam. We are talking about IBPS Common Exam for PO only and not about other bank exams.

First of all a brief about pattern of the IBPS Common Exam for PO:
Objective Test:
There will be 5 papers on
1.    Reasoning (50 questions of 50 Marks)
2.    English Language (50 questions of 25 Marks)
3.    Quantitative Aptitude (50 questions of 50 Marks)
4.   General Awareness (with special reference to Banking Industry, 50 questions of 50 Marks)
5.    Computer Knowledge (50 questions of 50 Marks)
Descriptive Paper:
Descriptive paper will be on English Composition (Essay, Précis, Letter Writing etc of 25 marks)
Time Allowed: For objective test total time will be 150 minutes and for descriptive test it will be 60 minutes
For more on IBPS Exam Pattern you may click here

Time Allocation for Each Section: Before giving the exam you should make a calculation that how much time you are going to devote on each section because you must remember that you have to qualify in all the sections. We would suggest you to allocate the time for each section as under:
Reasoning (40 minutes): Since reasoning section is time consuming section so you should allocate maximum time to it.
English Language (20-25 minutes): Weight of English section is less so you should try to finish it in maximum of 20-25 minutes.
Quantitative Aptitude (35 minutes): 35 minutes are enough to solve this section because some of the questions are very easy and do not take much time.
General Awareness (15-20 minutes): General awareness should be finished in 15-20 minutes as it does not require any time. It all depends on your preparation. A well prepared student normally finishes this section in 12-15 minutes.
Computer Knowledge (15-20 minutes): The same is the scenario with this paper you can finish it very quickly if you are aware of the answers.
So this make the total of 125-140 minutes rest 10-25 minutes you should devote towards checking and attempting questions which you have earlier skipped.

Ordering of attempting Sections: As far as order of the attempting sections is concerned you should attempt like this General Awareness > Computer Awareness > English > QA > Reasoning. The reason for this ordering is that the first three sections do not take much time of yours and are relatively easy. If you can start well in these three sections you are likely to finish these section quickly which will enable you to allocate even more time on QA and Reasoning Section.

Other Must Remember Points:
- You should take utmost care while filling up your answer sheets and other information. You will be surprised to know that a huge percentage of students get rejected at the very first stage because of non filling of the answer sheet properly, so make sure that you may not become a victim of this silly lapse.
- You should also remember that you have to qualify in all the section so you need to have a balanced approach.
- You should remember that this is a competitive exams where a fraction of mark can make difference so remain 100% focused during exam and try to solve maximum number of questions.
- There is also a provision of negative marking also so don’t make blind guesses however if you are even 50% sure about the answer there is noting wrong in attempting such question. 

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