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SBI Clerk Exam Pattern 2015 : How to Prepare : Things to Remember During Exam

For those who are preparing for SBI Clerk Exam, we are providing here a brief on the pattern of SBI Clerk Exam as well as some very important tips on how you should tackle this very important exam. You should remember that with good preparation you can have very good chances of clearing SBI Clerk Exam because in SBI Clerk Recruitment number of vacancies generally remains high.

Pattern of SBI Clerk Exam:

Max Marks
General Awareness
General English
Quantitative Aptitude
Reasoning Ability

As you can see that there will be 5 papers of 40 marks each. Total time allowed will be 135 minutes or 2 hours 15 minutes. You need to qualify each of the 5 papers. There will also be negative marking hence you have to be very careful while attempting the paper. You can understand about negative marking and methods to tackle it by clicking here.
Level of Questions: In SBI Clerk Exam difficulty level of the questions is not going to be very high. Most of the questions will be straight forward therefore a well prepared student can solved most of the questions quickly and with high accuracy.
Time Management: You should allocate your time in a manner that you should complete the paper 10 minutes before the time. Last 10 minutes you should devote towards attempting the remaining questions and towards checking your answer sheet. You should devote your time like this, General Awareness 15 minutes, General English 20 minutes, Quantitative Aptitude 35 minutes, Reasoning 35 minutes, Marketing/Computer 20 minutes and the remaining 10 minutes for checking and attempting remaining questions.
Skip Difficult Questions: There are always a few questions which you will find difficult to answer so you should not waste time on such questions. Your first objective should be to solve all the easy questions because so many aspirants, who do not skip difficult questions, end up with leaving many easy questions.
Accuracy: You should attempt your paper with high accuracy particularly in QA & Reasoning Paper, as you can score very high marks in these sections if your accuracy level is good. Do not ever made blind guess, attempt those questions on which you are confident and also attempt those questions on which you are even 50% sure because negative marking is 25% only.
What is a safe score? If you can perform well in all sections and overall if you can manage 65% correct answers than you can have a very good chance of qualifying. However if you are a well prepared student you can easily score over 80% in SBI Clerk Exam.
Check your Answer Sheet: Please take utmost care while filling up the answer sheer and while giving other information on answer sheet as huge number of answer sheets are rejected because they are not properly filled in.
Free Study Material for SBI Clerk 2015:

Other important tips:
You should remember that in a competitive exam even a fraction of mark can change the result so remain 100% focused during the exam and try to solve maximum questions.
Attempt practice sets daily before the exam and after attempting the set you should work on those questions which you could not do.
While attempting practice sets try to finish your sets at least 15 minutes before the actual exam time, this will enhance your speed.
Study from quality books only, poor books can spoil your preparations.
You can join us on our Bank Exams Preparation Group to discuss more on SBI Clerk Exam.

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