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Bank PO Descriptive Paper : Preparation Tips : SBI PO Descriptive Paper Questions

IBPS Bank PO and SBI PO Descriptive Paper: Descriptive paper of Bank PO in the previous IBPS Common Exam consists of questions based on Essay writing, Precis writing, report writing, paragraph writing, letter writing etc. Those who are preparing for Bank PO or SBI PO should take this part of exam very seriously as it also require proper preparation. We are now explaining you how to prepare for Descriptive paper of bank exams.

Essay: Normally questions are asked on writing of short type of essays. Candidates are required to write short type essays on situational based topics, topics of current affairs, for and against type topics or any general topic. Some important topics are as under:
·        Impact of media on day to day life
·        Whether corruption is impossible to remove from the society?
·        How to provide banking facilities to the poor people of the country?
·        What do you think about the impact of nationalization of banks?
·        Population Explosion
·        Drug Addiction
·        Status of Women in India
·        Failures are the Pillars of Success
·        Role of News papers
·        Our Cultural Heritage
Paragraph writing: You have to write very short paragraph on the given topics. Some of the sample topics are as under.
·        Tit For Tat
·        A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
·        All That Glitters is Not Gold
·        Barking Dogs Seldom Bite
Precis writing: Precis writing is very simple provided you know how to write it. Precis writing means to concise any topic so that the essence of topic remains the same. You can practice precis writing from 12th standard grammar books. For better precis writing first you should go through the topic thoroughly, you should understand the topic and than you should write in brief about that topic.
Letter writing: This is again quite simple but you should have a good idea about formats of letter. In letter writing content as well as the format and structure of letter is equally important. There are so many good books on letter writing you should purchase at least one good book for better preparation. Important formats are given below:
·        Informal Letters
·        Formal Letters
·        Business Correspondence Letters
Report Writing: It includes writing of short reports. We are providing you some of the sample topics on report writing.
·     Writing a report as a News Paper correspondent
·     Writing a report on the prospects of opening a branch in a new area.

So you can see that descriptive paper of bank exams is mainly a test of writing skills. For better preparation one need to practice on his or her writing skills. Regular reading of good news papers and regular practice of writing short topics will help you a lot.
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