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SBI Clerk Interview : How to Prepare

SBI Clerk Interview: There is a great demand for providing tips on preparation of SBI Clerk Interview. SBI Clerk Interviews are going to start shortly and we are providing here some of the must know tips for all those who are going to appear in this interview.

What should be the approach for the interview: Those who have got selection in the written exam should take the interview very seriously as there is going to be tough competition in the interview as well. We have seen that a few aspirants in our Banking Exams Preparation Group are taking the interview lightly; we would like to caution that one should prepare very well no matter what is going to be the outcome of your interview.
What to prepare: Generally in SBI Clerk Interviews questions are quite basic and straight forward in nature. One should prepare questions based on his or her bio data, latest current affairs, banking terms, latest banking and financial developments and also questions about State Bank of India.
About Interview Board: Interview board for SBI Clerk Interview normally consists of three members who are of the ranks of Assistant General Manager, Chief Manager and Manager.
How to dress: Generally we have seen that many male candidates are reluctant to put tie in their interviews however we would like to suggest that you should put decent formal clothes and also put a tie which creates a good impression on interview board. Female candidates should put any decent dress however they should avoid colorful and flashy cloths.
Other Important points: We would like to tell you that interview is nothing but a test of your communication skills so remain confident and speak well during the course of the interview. Even if you are not aware of any answer you can politely tell the board that you are not aware of the answer. Your confidence and poise will be the key but at the same time you should put your best efforts for the preparation of the interview.

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