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Bank Clerk Jobs IBPS, SBI : Career : Job Profile : Role : Salary

Bank Clerk Jobs, Career, Job Profile, SBI Clerk Career: In this post we will tell you about bank clerk jobs, bank clerk career path, SBI Clerk career and job profile, bank clerk salary and career growth, objective, progression etc and other important information about IBPS Bank Clerk and SBI Clerk.

Lots of aspirants ask us in our Banking Exam Preparation Group whether it is the right option to join the bank as a Clerk because most of us think that clerk’s jobs are not that good and because of such thinking students are unable to concentrate on the preparation of bank clerk exams. We are going to tell you about the job profile and career path of a clerk and we are also going to tell you how you can shape your career even if you have entered into the banking sector as a clerk.

Job Profile: The clerks are normally assigned front office seats in the bank and they have to directly face the public. If one gets posting in any administrative office or back office of the bank than he or she has to do only back office work and public dealing is not much in such offices. In branches there are separate counters for separate work such as fixed deposits, drafts, cheque postings, clearing, RTGS NEFT, cash receipt and payments etc. Depending upon the size of the branch and work load, the work is allotted on different counters by the Officers of the branch. There may also be a “Single Window Counter” on which all types of work can be performed or there can be dedicated counters for specific works. One should be sharp and quick and should have a pleasing personality to perform the duties of a clerk effectively. In SBI work load is a little bit more in comparison to other banks however SBI also provides you better career opportunities and a better platform to learn.

Career Path of a Bank Clerk: The probation period of a bank clerk is normally six months. Clerks are also being given opportunities to get promotion into Officer Cadre just after 3-4 years of job. In SBI one can get opportunity to get promotion as a Trainee Officer after 3-4 years of job and once you get the promotion you are almost equivalent to that of a Probationary Officer and thereafter you will get all the opportunities such as faster promotions, higher salary, perks, lease house accommodation, foreign postings etc.

Salary and perks: Although starting salary of a bank clerk is not very attractive but one can change his or her fortunes by getting promotion into officer cadre, where you can get very handsome salary and perks. For details of starting salary of a bank clerk you can click here.

Right Approach: If one wants to get success in a bank job the most important thing is right approach and attitude. If you can deliver good performance along with a positive attitude you are bound to get success and your efforts will be surely recognized by the bank. Bank now a days are looking for the people who can enhance the image of the bank by their work and attitude. Bright workers are always recognized in the banks and they always get faster promotions and better opportunities.

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