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Common Mistakes During Bank Interviews : How to Avoid

Common Mistakes during Interviews: Interview season is going on and many of our visitors and thousands of members of our Bank Exams Preparation Group are going to appear in upcoming IBPS common interviews and other bank and competitive exams interviews. We are regularly providing you tips for better preparation of your interviews. Today we are going to discuss about some common mistakes which one should avoid during his or her interviews.

Dressing inappropriately: Some of the aspirants, take their interviews very lightly and do not pay much attention towards their dressing or attires during the interviews. All of you should understand that interview is a test of your personality and a good appearance is very important for success. It does not mean that you should look like a model rather what I mean to say that you should present yourself in the best possible manner by putting decent clothes on the big occasion. Your clothes should not be flashy; you should try to put sober clothes. Boys should always put a tie because it creates a good impression.
Touching your hair, nose etc. during the interview: Some candidates are in habit of touching their hair, nose or chin during the interview again and again. Such movements should be strictly avoided as such actions are symbol of low confidence and interviewer do not like it. One should sit straight with a smile on his or her face and should be totally focused and attentive towards the board members.
Not making eye contact with the interviewer: Some aspirants commit the mistake of not making proper eye contact with the board members. You should make a good eye contact with the member who is asking question to you. If you are not making proper eye contact, it indicates that you are not paying proper attention and it won’t create a good impression.
Showing hesitation while answering the questions: Some aspirants show lot of hesitation while answering the questions and they hesitate even more when they do not know answer of any question. One should understand that interview is a discussion to asses the communication skill of the candidate and the more clear you are in your thoughts the better chances you have for the selection. So remain confident and answer clearly with poise and even if you are not aware of any answer please do not bluff the board rather communicate that you are not aware of the answer.

Some of the mistakes may sound elementary but you should understand that a huge number of candidates commit such mistakes and your goal should be to avoid such mistakes. Also go through the various other articles given below for better preparation of interviews.

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