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IBPS Common Interview : Preparation Tips : Books : Questions : PO : Clerk

IBPS Common Interview, IBPS Bank PO Interview, IBPS Bank Clerk Interview, How to Prepare, Pattern, Process:  With the announcement of Common Interview for the Bank Jobs by the IBPS, interview has acquired even more significance. Now a candidate is not going to get multiple chances for the interview. So it has become very vital to perform well in the interview otherwise a candidate may have to wait for a long time to appear in the next interview. In this post we are going to tell you some vital points which will help you to prepare well for your interview.

Take your interview very seriously: First and foremost you should understand that getting a call of interview means that you are just one step away from getting the final selection and 10-15 minutes of interview, can decide your future. Therefore you should have determination and will power to get success and should not let this opportunity go by. .

Prepare well: Once you have decided that you are ready to take on the challenge of interview and at any cost you want to get success. It means that you have already won half of the battle. Let me tell you friends that interview is a test of your communication skills, confidence and of your personality. I have seen many students who have done very well in their written exams but when it comes to the interview they have not been able to do well due to lack of preparation and practice. I am emphasizing on practice again and again because for good preparation of your interviews you should regularly discuss among your friends or family or you can also practice in front of a mirror. In the next few lines we are further going to tell you about preparation methods.

How to prepare: We have told you time and again about the preparation of your job interviews; already thousands of students of our Bank Exams Preparation Group have qualified various interviews and have shared their experiences in the group. Practice is the key for preparation. I would like to also share my methods of preparation of interviews because I got more than 10 final selections in different banks as a Probationary Officer so sharing of preparation methods may also help all of you. Following points will help you further as these points I am writing based on my experiences as well as after discussion with many successful candidates.
  • Prepare a list of questions on your bio data and prepare structured answer of all such questions. You can go through my article in which I have already explained how to make a list of the questions and how you can practice it. You can also note down some common questions for the interviews and prepare the answer well in advance.
  • Good books are very important for preparation of interview and one such book which I have always recommended and I still have not found any other book which is as useful as “Money Banking and Finance” for preparation of Bank Interviews. You should make a habit of reading this book and try to discuss various concepts, topics and terminology given in this book with your friends which will clear your concepts about banking topics and will give you lot of confidence during the interview.
  • Select your medium of language in interview, well in advance and prepare accordingly. You can go through my article to know more about this point “Does Medium Make any difference in Bank Interviews”.
  • Regular reading of news papers and current affairs magazines will also help you a lot. Because current affairs questions are also quite common in Bank Interviews and you should prepare well.
Friends, I would like to wish you all the very best for your upcoming interviews and would like to tell that once you prepare in such a systematic manner you are bound to get success. During your interviews don’t try to make wild guesses and also never argument with the board. Try to remain calm, polite and confident during your interviews. While giving replies of the questions you should deliver your replies in a normal way and it should not appear that you have crammed the answers.

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