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Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS Exams

In this series I am going to provide you useful questions for upcoming Bank Exams. Banking Awareness Questions are frequently asked in all bank exams. These questions have been taken from previous years papers.

1.What does the letter “L” stands for in the term LAF commonly used in financial/economic news?
  1. Liquidity
  2. Least
  3. Liabilities
  4. Long
  5. Liquid
2.The Banking Ombudsman
  1. Is in charge of bank loans for buses
  2. Fixes the rates of interest for loans
  3. Resolves complaints of customers
  4. Issues licences for new bank branches
  5. Is the head of all nationalized banks
3.Which of the following not classified as a Commercial Bank?
  1. Public Sector Bank
  2. Foreign Bank
  3. Private sector Bank
  4. Regional Rural Bank
  5. Urban Cooperative Bank
4.Which of the following is not the name of a Banking Organization?
  1. HDFC
  2. IDBI
  3. YES
  4. SEBI
  5. ICICI
5.Money laundering means
  1. Hiding of income source mainly to avoid Income Tax
  2. Money acquired through criminal source
  3. Money acquired from undisclosed sources and deposited in foreign bank
  4. Process of conservation of money obtained illegally to appear to have originated from legitimate sources
  5. Money acquired from drug trafficking.
6.Monetary Policy as an arm of the economic policy is administered by
  1. Government of India
  2. Reserve Bank of India
  3. State Bank of India
  4. Governments of the respective states
  5. None of the above
7.Which of the following is not a primary function of a Bank?
  1. Granting Loans
  2. Collecting  Cheques /Drafts of customers
  3. Faciliatings imports of goods
  4. Issuing Bank Drafts
  5. Selling Gold/silver Coins
8.Which of the following is observed as “World food Day”?
  1. 6th November
  2. 16th November
  3. 6th October
  4. 16th October
  5. 17th January
9.Which of the following States is among the North East States of India?
  1. Jammu and kashmir
  2. Punjab
  3. Himachal pradesh
  4. Meghalaya
  5. Rajasthan
10.Which of the following represent correct meaning of “REPO RATE”?
  1. Rate on which RBI sells Government Securities to Banks
  2. Rate for borrowing rupees by banks from RBI
  3. Rate offered by banks to their prime customers
  4. Rate applicable for grant of priority sector loans
  5. None of the above


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