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Time Management Tips for IBPS PO Exam 2017

Today I am going to talk about time management for the IBPS PO Examination 2017. IBPS PO exam is very close now and I am sure that all of you will be giving final touch up to your preparation.

It is always good to practice as much as you can in the last few days. The more you practice the better your speed will be. Apart from knowledge IBPS PO exam is also an exam of speed and accuracy. Those having better speed and accuracy are likely to get success in this exam.
In my view apart from all this one more thing which is a key to success in this exam is time management. This is an exam of only 60 minutes and if you do not manage your time well, these 60 minutes will go away in no time. It is very important for candidates to manage and plan their time very well. Few important things for time management are as under:-
  • Do not waste your time at all. Give complete focus to your exam. Do not look here and there during the exam and do not waste even a single second.
  • Read the instructions very carefully well before the exam. During the exam you should not be confused about anything. Your focus should only be towards your exam only.
  • You should be well aware about the exam pattern and syllabus. A good clarity will save your time and during the exam there will not be any surprises for you.
  • You should know the art of skipping difficult questions. If you have prepared well you can easily identify which are the difficult questions. Your first objective should be to attempt all the questions which you know and which take less time. Once you do this thereafter you can attempt the remaining questions.
  • Plan your order of sections well before the exam. It means you should be clear which section you are going to do first.
  • Since you have to clear cut off of each section therefore allocate time for each section. Many times I have seen students doing the mistake of not planning time management for each section. This may result good performance in 1-2 section and poor in remaining. Your objective should be to give balance performance in each section. Once you achieve this task thereafter you can give more time for the remaining questions.
  • Attempt practice sets in lesser time limits. For example the time limit is 60 minutes for the exam however in practice sets you may fix time limit of 50 minutes only. This will improve your speed.
So these were the some important time management tips which I thought to share with all of you just before the exam. Last thing which I want to tell you that during the exam you should remain positive and confident which will help you to understand the paper quickly. Even if paper is tough you objective should be to remain calm and given a balance performance in all sections.
Best of luck.
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