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Which one is better RBI Assistant or IBPS PO?

Today I am going to write about RBI Assistant and IBPS PO Jobs. Many of my students often ask me that which one is a better job, RBI Assistant or IBPS PO. In this post I am going to tell which one is better. However this is my personal opinion only. Before choosing any career you must take your own decision and opinion from your near and dear ones. 

RBI Assistant and IBPS PO both are government jobs. Therefore job security is almost equal in both the jobs. However in RBI job security is slightly more as RBI Assistant is a back office job. In IBPS PO you are most of the time involved in operations, financial transactions and decisions. There are instances when Bank Officers land into trouble because of frauds in the banks. In such scenario one may face accountability and an Officer can face difficult time.

The salary of IBPS PO is better than that of RBI Assistant. However the RBI Assistant salary is also decent but not as good as that of IBPS PO. 

In IBPS PO there are frequent transfers and your life does not settle as an Officer you have to move every 2-3 years. However in RBI Assistant there is no such issue and transfers are very less.

Since RBI is the Central Bank of the country it is having most of the offices in big cities only. However in IBPS PO you can be posted any where such as villages, small towns etc. as bank branches are spread all over the country.

RBI Assistant is a very peaceful job. There is not much workload and facilities provided by RBI are excellent. Whereas in IBPS PO there is lot of pressure, challenges and targets. Hence RBI Assistant is much peaceful job in comparison to IBPS PO.

Career wise IBPS PO is better as in IBPS PO you will get frequent chances for the promotions. 

Therefore you can see the pro and cons of both the jobs. If you are a career oriented person and looking for rise in your career then IBPS PO is a better job. However if you want a settled and peaceful job then RBI Assistant is the right choice.

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