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Group Discussion

Now-a-days a few banks have also started taking group discussions as a part of the selection process. 
 It is always good for the aspirants to prepare well for Group Discussions well in advance as it require a lot of practice and good command over communication skills. Therefore my advice to all of you would be that you should always keep on working on your communication skills even if you do not have any interview or group discussion in your hand. Regular practice will help you immensely when you will actually have to appear in Group Discussions. So all of our friends here are few tips on how they can tackle the group discussion part of the bank exams or for that matter any exam or entrance test.
 Tips for the Group Discussions:
Try to initiate the discussion which will help you to get edge over the others, however if you are not sure about the topic please do not initiate just for the sake of initiating. If you are not comfortable with the topic than it would be better for you to listen to the views of others for a few minutes and thereafter you can come up with your views on the topic. You should also try to conclude the discussion as it would also help you to create a good impression over the evaluators and at the same time you can always conclude well after listening over the views of other participants.

Do not try to speak in a hasty manner just to impress the evaluators, the objective should be to speak well, so have patience and try to intervene in between with well thought over views and present them forcibly.
You need to be a good listener during the course of discussion. Take keen interest in what others are saying and try to build over what others are saying. Moreover if you listen carefully you can always take a few clues from others which would help you in building over discussion.
Never indulge in any arguments with others, sometime situation may arise that there may be a clash of opinions but you should understand that you are not there to win points over others rather your objective should be to clear the test. So avoid any such situation.
Be very polite and have a smile on your face and always show the positive approach by speaking good things about the topic. Don’t talk any negative thing which may create bad impression over the evaluators.
Be very attentive and nod your head while listening to others, from time to time, during the course of discussion.
Always prepare well for your group discussion, good preparation helps you to boost your confidence which is so vital during the discussion.
The points which can give you an edge over others:
If you can initiate the discussion in a well manner.
If you help the group to keep the things on track and do not let the discussion go out of track.
If you coordinate well and try to finish the discussion within stipulated time.
If you can maintain your cool even in adverse situations. Even if there are arguments and noise in the discussion you should try to pacify the things and should try to behave in a mature manner as it is a test of your communication skills, leadership skills and your ability to mange the teams well.

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